Middle School

The Middle School program at The NGP School is remarkable in offering students a choice for leadership, service and learning.

Grade 6 to Grade 10

The Middle School at The NGP School is a place for building community and school pride. We focus on the whole students and embody the principles of a 21st Century learner.

We implement a creatively designed curriculum framework and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible development of the child’s total well-being. We aim to inspire students to think reflectively as they acquire a growing sense of determination. This enables them to engage critically and creatively with the world around them as globally-minded learners and leaders.

Global attitudes are developed through an innovative curriculum at The NGP School. In addition, students will develop complex problem-solving skills, consider ethical decision making, and acquire an understanding of global perspectives. We are dedicated to ensuring that the child receives individualized support for their intellectual, physical, creative, and practical growth and development.

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  • * Implement the Middle Years Program to provide the best preparation for the High School Programme
  • * Encouraging students to make connections between their studies and the real world
  • * Foster the qualities that are essential for life in the 21st century
  • * Offer rigorous learning in all subjects, inviting students to tackle relevant issues and apply their ideas in new local, national and global contexts
  • * Develop skills and attitudes for responsible action
  • * Ensure breadth and depth of knowledge through the implementation of an academically rigorous curriculum
  • * Examine the interconnectedness of subject areas
  • * Ensure a low teacher to student ratio
  • * Offer an extensive co-curricular program
  • * Provide opportunities for study abroad programs
  • * Implement supervised study programs

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