Sports Facilities at The NGP School

Our Approach towards Sports

In addition to a full and rigorous programme of physical activity as part of the curriculum, sport is a crucial component of our learning enrichment activities.

All children have physical education lessons. It’s designed to show them that exercise and activity are essential and fun. It is an essential foundation to help our students lead active and healthy lives as they grow up.

Specially designed physical education at The NGP School helps in developing our students’ competence and confidence. It allows them to participate in an extensive range of physical activities crucial to their lives— both in and out of school.

We have a high-quality physical education program that enables all students to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activities. The importance of our physical education programs is to help students develop a wide range of skills and give them the ability to use tactics, strategies, and newer ideas to perform successfully both at home and school.

Children spend a large portion of their time at school. A significant amount of learning takes place in the school. Along with quality education, The NGP School makes physical education accessible and a regular part of learning during the formative years. This naturally makes organised sports a vital component of social and academic experiences for students at The NGP School. The primary advantages of our integrated sports curriculum are,

  • Sports becomes an Integral part of their life
  • Their physical fitness is taken care of by them
  • Learning becomes an enjoyable experience
  • Students learn strategic tactics and new ideas
  • Time to study and play is well balanced

Sporting Facilities at The NGP School

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